June 25, 2024

3D printing is a manufacturing method that creates a three-dimensional object based on a digital file. During the 3D printing process, thermoplastics and other materials are deposited layer upon layer until the desired shape and dimensions are achieved. 3D printing provides many advantages; it’s faster and cheaper than other manufacturing methods, highly versatile, and well-suited […]


June 14, 2024

Scale models are a great way to attract attention. You may have pondered how great it would be to have a custom made scale model in your place of business or to show off at meetings and trade shows. But where can you find professional model makers in Houston, TX? ProTek Models & 3D Printing […]


May 25, 2024

Is your classic or vintage car missing a few hard-to-find parts? Finding replacement parts for old cars can be a challenge. If the manufacturer no longer kept the part in stock, your options were limited. You either had to rummage through auto salvage lots or search for the part online and hope you find one […]

3D Printing Can Help You Market Your Products More Effectively

April 18, 2024

Promotional products are a traditional marketing strategy. A promotional product is a tangible item imprinted with a company’s name, logo, or message distributed for free or at a low cost to promote a brand, product, or service. Examples of promotional products include scale models, pens, t-shirts, figurines, tote bags, keychains, mugs, and more. Promotional products […]

A Guide to Deciding Which 3D Printing Material Is Best for Your Job

April 12, 2024

There are several factors to consider when planning a FDM 3D printing project. One of the most important factors to consider is the type of printing material to use for your job. What printing material you use will have a big impact on the quality and performance of the final product. Selecting the right printing […]

Save Time and Production Costs with RTV Molds and Urethane Castings in Houston, TX

March 26, 2024

If you’re a manufacturing company in Houston looking to cut production costs and turnaround times, consider urethane casting. Urethane castings provide a cost-effective alternative to injection molding for producing prototypes and low to medium runs of plastic parts. Urethane casting provides many advantages, including: Low tooling costs compared to injection molding. Extremely fast turnaround times […]

For Businesses in Houston, 3D Printing is Ideal for Small to Medium Production Runs

March 13, 2024

Small to medium production runs are often undertaken by manufacturers who cater to niche markets, have limited resources, or are testing new products before committing to larger-scale production. This approach allows them to manage costs, minimize inventory, and better respond to changes in demand. The exact definition can vary depending on the industry and the […]

3D Printing for Aerospace Applications in Houston, TX

February 19, 2024

When most people think of Houston, TX, they think of the oil and gas industry. While oil and gas are a major part of the local economy, the city also plays a big role in America’s aerospace and aviation industry. It’s home to NASA’s Johnson Space Center, two international airports, 500 companies and institutions involved […]

FDM and SLA 3D Printing: Which is Right for Your Application?

February 8, 2024

There are many different formats when it comes to 3D printing. Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and Stereolithography (SLA) are the two most popular formats. Which one is best for your project depends on many factors. ProTek Models & 3D Printing has been providing professional 3D printing services to companies in Texas and throughout the U.S. […]

10 Benefits of Using 3D Printing for Manufacturing Custom and Replacement Auto Parts in Houston

January 20, 2024

Custom auto shops throughout the Houston area turn to ProTek Models & 3D Printing for cost-effective solutions for customized auto parts or hard-to-find vintage parts. We use the latest SLA and FDM 3D printing technologies to create auto parts faster and cheaper than CNC machining and other traditional manufacturing methods. Houston auto shop managers know […]