Automotive 3D Printing is Used to Recreate Vintage Auto Parts

April 21, 2022

Finding and replacing missing auto parts is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to restoring a vintage automobile. Depending on the age and make of the vehicle, replacement parts can be difficult, if not impossible to locate. And when you do find them, they’re often outrageously expensive. Many auto restorers are turning to […]

Advantages of Scale Models for Businesses

April 12, 2022

A scale model is a model of a real or imagined physical object that is proportionately larger or smaller than the object it is meant to represent. Scale models have been around for years and can be constructed out of a variety of materials, including wood, metal, plastic, and foam. Scale models are used for […]

Materials Used in FDM 3D Printing

March 23, 2022

At ProTek Models, we provide state-of-the-art FDM 3D printing services to companies and organizations in a wide range of industries, including defense, aerospace, and automotive. When a client first approaches us about a project, one of their first questions is what type of materials we use in the 3D printing process. What material you use […]

A Short History of 3D Printing

March 9, 2022

Like most technologies, 3D printing has an interesting background story. Here’s a short history of 3D printing, from science fiction to everyday applications: One of the first mentions of 3D printing appeared in the 1945 short story “Things Pass By” by science fiction writer Murray Leinster. It describes a machine that uses “magnetronic plastics” to […]

Applications for 3D Automotive Printing in Long Beach CA

February 18, 2022

Pro Tek Models is a leading producer of 3D printed automotive parts in Long Beach, CA. We’ve worked with a number of automotive designers and manufacturers to create a wide variety of models, castings, and custom-printed automotive parts. Contact Pro Tek models through our website, or call us at to find out how our high-quality […]

Custom Scale Models Grow Sales in Long Beach, CA

February 9, 2022

If you’re a company trying to succeed in California’s highly competitive aerospace sector, a custom scale model may be just the tool you need to take your sales presentations to the next level. Custom scale models provide an effective way to visualize a product that may still exist in the design stage or is too […]

Who Should I Call for a Quality Custom Scale Model in Irvine CA?

January 26, 2022

Are you looking for quality custom scale models in Irvine CA? If so, ProTek Models is the company to call. We have nearly two decades of experience building custom scale models and are the best in the business. Keep reading to learn more about our quality custom scale models in Irvine CA. Custom Scale Models […]

What Materials Does ProTek Models Offer for FDM 3D Printing?

January 12, 2022

Are you looking for quality FDM 3D Printing? If so, ProTek models is the company to call. We have over years in the business and can deliver the quality products you need, on time and on budget. Plus, we offer a wide variety of FDM 3D Printing materials so you can choose the best option […]

Begin Your First 3D Printing Project in Fullerton CA with ProTek Models

December 21, 2021

With how exciting and innovating the 3D printer is these days, it’s almost surprising that we all haven’t had a project completed by one of these high-tech printers yet. Many industries are using them and have found this technology to be incredibly useful. In fact, using 3D printed prototypes and models can help improve the […]

FDM 3D Printing in Pasadena CA is Better Than Before

December 9, 2021

Just when you thought 3D printing was already as advanced as it ever could be, this technology continues to impress all of us. It’s truly incredible how far the 3D printer has come – from creating basic objects to being able to craft some sophisticated and useful tools. And as time goes on, more and […]