Custom Scale Satellite Models

To say that ProTek Models is the industry leader in satellite models is an understatement. We are the dominant force in the custom satellite model industry. The quality, durability, level of detail, and value of our models are unsurpassed. Custom scale satellite models have been our specialty since day one and we have made custom satellite models for every major satellite manufacturer in the United States. We have made thousands of custom satellite models ranging from small desktop models to huge models with solar wingspans of over 100 feet. We have the capability to make satellite models with wingspans over 100 feet in length. We can make custom scale models in quantities from one to thousands. If you need high-quality custom scale satellite models, no company in existence has more experience producing custom scale satellite models than ProTek Models. We guarantee that every model you purchase from ProTek Models will be made to the highest quality standards, for a great value, and that it will be delivered on schedule.