Urethane Casting

Urethane castings can be an outstanding alternative to injection molding for low to medium volume production of high-quality plastic parts. ProTek Models is your one stop supplier for all of your cast urethane projects. With our talented staff, state-of-the-art machinery, and high quality materials, there is almost no urethane casting project we can’t handle.

What are Urethane Castings and What is the Process?

Urethane castings are production quality, end-use, rigid or flexible plastic parts. The process begins with the customers provided CAD models being reviewed by ProTek Models skilled engineering team evaluating the CAD model for any issues. The customer specifies the material properties and ProTek Models selects the best material that meets the specifications. Then a master part/ pattern is 3D printed and finished to the end-use part finish with anything from glassy smooth to leather and textile finishes. A silicone (RTV) mold is then created for casting of the parts. ProTek Models highly skilled tool makers can produce molds for simple and extremely complex parts up to 8’ x 4’ x 4’ (yes feet not inches). This process produces very high-quality plastic parts that is suitable for quantities from one to hundreds. The finished dimensions of urethane cast parts depend on the material used and the part geometry.

The Advantages of Urethane Casting

  • Value – Low tooling cost compared to injection molding
  • Speed – A extremely fast turnaround compared to injection molding and other processes. In some cases parts can be delivered in less than a week. Generally with casting delivery is measured in weeks unlike months like many injection molded parts.
  • Material Options: We offer many different urethane cast materials that range from extremely rigid and impact resistant Shore D to flexible and soft Shore A. Parts can be painted or cast in color to complete turn-key assemblies
  • Durability- Polyurethane cast materials are very tough and comparable to injection molded counterparts. They are available in very soft forms and extremely ridged forms.
  • Finishes and Color Options: We can produce finishes including: high-polished, grained, brushed, leather grain, textiles, etc. We can also pigment the materials to a wide range of opaque and translucent colors. We even do custom color matching.
  • Versitility – This process is good for any part geometry achievable for injection molded part and can even achieve geometries impossible for injection molded parts.

Why ProTek Models?

ProTek Models has combined over 60 years of experience making patterns, silicone molds, and casting. The entire process is done 100 percent in-house. We print the master parts/patterns, sand and finish them, make the molds, cast them, and inspect them. While some of our parts are still hand poured, we primarily utilize two production grade MCP vacuum casting machines for parts with extremely fine details and challenging geometries. We also utilize pneumatic injection guns that prevent the introduction of air in to the material during the injection process. These processes produce parts that are virtually bubble free. our experienced team creates repeatable, high-quality parts that are free of air bubbles and surface imperfections. Our urethane cast parts are in many cases indistinguishable from injection molded parts with the similar strength and durability properties. We can cast in dozens of different materials and in numerous different colors including water clear. We also offer part finishing and painting services for any parts requiring this service.

ProTek Models is an outstanding resource for any of your urethane casting projects. Contact us today for a free quote on your urethane casting project. You will be glad you did.

Contact Us About Your Urethane Casting Project

We are here to serve you and answer any questions you have about urethane casting and if it is right for your project. When you are ready to get started with your Urethane Casting project, contact ProTek Models. Our experienced team will work with you to ensure the end results meet your specifications, deadline, and budget.