Where to Find Professional Scale Model Makers in Houston, TX

June 13, 2023

Young engineer with his airplane model

In Houston, TX, custom scale models can provide the “WOW” factor needed to engage your target audience. Scale models allow you to demonstrate a product, concept, or real-world object in a way drawings and CGI can’t. No matter if it’s a trade show full of potential customers or a classroom full of students, custom scale models are always an attention grabber.

Many businesses in the Houston, TX area utilize custom-built scale models in their operations. They’re a great stand-in when the real thing isn’t available or practical to show. For example, architects use scale models to develop and market their products. They can also be useful as prototypes during the research phase of product development. In many situations, scale models can be less expensive and more practical than constructing a full-sized model.

What is a Scale Model?

So what is a scale model? A scale model is a replica of a physical object, such as a plane, automobile, or person, that is constructed to a proportionally smaller size, or scale, than the original. Scale models can be constructed from a wide range of materials, including plastic, metal, wood, and paper.

In model making, the term “scale” refers to the ratio between the size of the model and the actual size of the object it is meant to represent. The scale of a model tells you how much bigger/smaller the model is compared to the object it’s based on. For instance, a 1/32 scale model of an aircraft would be 32 times smaller than the actual aircraft. A 3/1 scale model of the human heart would be three times larger than a real heart. Models can even be built 1/1 – the actual size of the object the model represents (these models are often referred to as full-scale mockups).

Business Applications for Custom Scale Models

Scale models are a popular hobby all around the world. Scale models are also used by businesses for many purposes, including:

  • Tradeshow displays
  • Education and training
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Sales presentations and proposals
  • Research and development
  • Motion picture/television/theater props
  • Gifts
  • Presentations and awards
  • Museum displays
  • Lobby displays
  • Conference room displays
  • Master forms

ProTek Models – Scale Model Makers in Houston, TX

Businesses all over Houston and the state of Texas, turn to ProTek Models and 3D Printing for durable, high-quality, and highly detailed custom-scale models. We can construct a scale model based on virtually any real-life object (or a concept design), at almost any scale, with the required level of complexity or detail. Our team of expert model makers, designers, and craftsmen has built custom scale models for a wide range of clients in the aerospace, automotive, rail, watercraft, entertainment, energy, medical, architectural, and consumer product industries.

In addition to expert custom model building, ProTek Models provides professional 3D Printing (SLA and FDM formats) services, rapid prototyping, custom automotive parts, and urethane casting. We’re located just north of Houston in Conroe, TX, and serve companies throughout the Lone Star state. Contact us through our website or call ProTek Models at (832) 968-6636 to get a price quote and learn more about our custom scale model-making services.