Urethane Casting in Yorba Linda CA is a Phone Call Away

June 22, 2021

One thing you quickly learn as a business owner is just how expensive it is run and operate your business. It can come off as a surprise to many new business owners. Not every business is expensive, though, and many are quite profitable on top of that. But one thing that most small to medium business owners would agree on is that production can be quite expensive. So, business owners often find themselves in a pickle: do they continue to struggle to keep up on demand by hand-producing their products as much as possible and save costs by avoiding professional production, or do they spend more for professional production to get products out quicker for their customers? It’s never an easy decision to make. However, urethane casting can be a great option for small to medium businesses that need a more professional way to produce their products without breaking the bank.

Urethane Casting Makes Production Quick & Easy

Compared to other methods of production and toolmaking, urethane casting is quite affordable. The way it works, is, a custom silicone mold is created, and then this mold is used to create the part or product that you wish to have made. This mold can be used several times before it needs to be remade, which can help you cut costs on production. This method also offers a low tooling cost when it’s compared to injection molding.

So, is urethane casting right for you? With many material options, fast turnaround compared to other processes, high durability, and great versatility, urethane casting makes sense for a low of new and existing small- to medium-sized businesses in Southern California. This method makes it very easy, quick, and as stress-free as possible for business owners, to say the least.

Start Your Urethane Casting Project in Yorba Linda CA Today

Urethane casting truly is an amazing thing. ProTek Models has taken on many urethane casting projects for small to medium businesses around the Southern California area. In turn, this has made these business owners’ lives easier and more convenient.

If you’re still confused by this production method, are curious if it might be useful for you and your business, or are pretty positive that you want to make urethane casting your sole or primary method of production, call ProTek Models for more information or to start a custom urethane casting in Yorba Linda, CA. Our phone number is (832) 968-6636.