Six Houston, TX Industries That Use 3D Printing

July 25, 2022

Six Houston, TX Industries That Use 3D Printing

Houston, TX is recognized as a world leader in a number of industries, including healthcare, energy, and aerospace. What do these various industries all have in common? They all use 3D printing in their construction and manufacturing processes. Let’s take a look at some of these Houston-based industries and how they benefit from 3D printing.


Houston is home to NASA’s Johnson Space Craft Center, which provides astronaut training and ground control for the nation’s manned spaceflight operations. 3D printing is currently used to manufacture parts and components for rocket boosters, orbital satellites, interplanetary probes, and manned spacecraft. One recent NASA project has been a study to determine the feasibility of constructing a Moon base using 3D printed components walls, ceilings, etc. from lunar regolith.


Texas Children’s Hospital has been a pioneer in using 3D printing to transform diagnostic images into 3D models. The models are used by physicians and other healthcare professionals as a visual aid to explain a procedure or medical anomaly to a patient and their families. These models are also used as educational tools to train new residents and doctors.


There are over eight million registered cars in Texas. That’s second only to California. And over three million of these cars are registered in Harris County. While it’s not Detroit, the automotive industry still plays a big part in the Houston economy. The automotive industry has been relying heavily on 3D printing to keep up with the demand for parts and components in Houston, TX, and elsewhere. 3D printing is also used to create custom auto parts and recreate vintage ones.

Home Construction

The real estate industry is red hot in Houston. To keep up with demand, Lennar and other home manufacturers are building homes partially constructed using 3D printing. These homes have many advantages: they’re durable (even against hurricane force winds), attractive, easy to construct, and cost-efficient.


Houston is known as the world capital of the oil and gas industry. There are over 5000 energy firms doing business in the Houston area. 3D printing is being used in all areas of energy production. Not just oil and gas, but solar, and wind as well. 3D printed parts are used in a wide range of applications, including rapid prototyping manufacturing and production, end-use parts, and spare parts.

Solar panels, wind turbines, turbo machinery, jigs and fixtures, rotors, drill bits, mud motor modules, flow meter parts. pressure gauge pieces. and control-valve components are just a few of the parts created using 3D printing.

Advanced Manufacturing

Houston is home to some of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the nation. These facilities use cutting-edge technology in their manufacturing processes with the goals of improving product quality, performance, and efficiency. Advanced manufacturing encompasses additive manufacturing (aka 3D printing), robotics, superconductors, control systems, nanomaterials, network/IT infrastructure, and sustainable processes to name a few.

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