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Experience Exceptional Large Scale 3D Printing Service Near Me

Join us at ProTek Models, your gateway to innovative large-scale 3D printing solutions. As a leading provider of Large Scale 3D Printing Services Near Me, we’re all about making your grandest designs a reality. Reach out to us at (832) 968-6636 to get started.

Transform Your Vision with our Large Scale 3D Printing Services Near Me

Bid farewell to the limitations of traditional manufacturing methods. At ProTek Models, we take your innovative ideas and turn them into a spectacular reality with our leading-edge Large Scale 3D Printing Service Near Me.

Why Should We Be Your Choice?

Our state-of-the-art equipment and dedicated team of experts make us your top choice for 3D printing solutions.

  • Superior Quality: Our cutting-edge printers deliver high-definition prints, ensuring a top-notch finish every time.
  • Material Flexibility: From resilient plastics to premium metals, our variety of materials is designed to fit your project’s needs perfectly.
  • Quick Delivery: We respect your time and prioritize prompt service without sacrificing quality.
  • Expert Guidance: Our committed team is ready to assist you at each stage, from the initial design stage to the final product delivery.


Customized Large Scale Solutions for All Industries

At ProTek Models, we realize that each industry has its unique requirements. Hence, our Large Scale 3D Printing Service Near Me is adapted to meet the specific needs of diverse sectors, including healthcare, education, and more.

Revolutionize Your Product Development with Advanced Prototyping

Boost your product development process with our superior prototyping service. Tweak, innovate, and refine your designs directly from your digital files. Our advanced large-scale 3D printing enables swift prototyping, making your product development more time-efficient and cost-effective.

Experience the Future of 3D Printing Technology

At ProTek Models, we’re at the forefront of 3D printing technology. Our Large Scale 3D Printing Service Near Me employs the most advanced machinery, delivering precise and remarkable results. With us, you can be confident that your final product will be a precise realization of your vision.

Personalized Support for Your 3D Printing Projects

We understand that a large-scale 3D printing project can seem daunting. That’s why our team of specialists is dedicated to providing personalized support throughout your project. From the first consultation to the final post-printing services, we’re here to make your journey smooth and fulfilling.

Embark on Your Large Scale 3D Printing Adventure Today!

No project is too ambitious for us at ProTek Models. If you can dream it, we can build it. Contact us at (832) 968-6636 to learn more about our Large Scale 3D Printing Service Near Me, or to request a quote for your next project. We’re here to help you shape the future, one layer at a time.

The ProTek Models


At ProTek Models, We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality 3D printed parts and service.

quality FDM 3D Printing services

  • Prototypes and production of small parts to very large and complex assemblies
  • Numerous post-processing services available
  • Composite renforcements (fiberglass and carbon fiber)
  • Complex bonds, drilling, reaming, tapping, thread inserts
  • Mold making for silicone or composite models for resin cast and composite parts

Materials We Offer

Choosing the right material for your FDM 3D Printing project is essential. At ProTek Models, we offer a wide variety of materials to choose from to ensure the parts we produce meet your requirements. Our FDM 3D printing experts can help you determine the best material for your application.

ABS-ESD7 prevents a buildup of static electricity so it will not produce a static shock or cause other materials like powders, dust, and fine particles to stick to it. Ideal for electronic products with circuit boards and for the transportation and industrial equipment industries. ABS-ESD7 is perfect for FDM 3D printing of parts that will come in contact with sensitive electronics.

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ABS-M30 material is ideal for prototype and light-duty production parts including concept models, jigs, fixtures, manufacturing tools, and production parts. ABS M30 is stronger than traditional 3D printed ABS parts.

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ABS–M30i is a biocompatible 3D printing material perfectly suited for medical, pharmaceutical, and food-packaging engineers and designers to produce surgical planning models, tools, and fixtures.

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Antero 800NA – PEKK

Antero 800NA – PEKK is the newest high-performance, engineering thermoplastic FDM material available on Fortus production 3D printers. Antero 800NA is a very high-performance FDM 3D printing material that offers excellent mechanical properties and low outgassing characteristics of PEKK material. FDM 3D printing with PEKK gives you design flexibility not possible with other fabrication methods. Antero 800na is an outstanding choice for parts requiring high-temperature resistance, long-term chemical resistance, high strength, and toughness.

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ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) is a UV-stable, production-grade thermoplastic. ASA has very similar properties to ABS-M30 and is an outstanding material choice for production and prototype parts. It has the best aesthetics of any FDM material. ASA is excellent for outdoor-use production parts due to its strength, color choice, and UV resistance.

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FDM Nylon 12CF

Nylon 12CF is a high-performance FDM 3D printed thermoplastic material that has added fibers to improve its material properties. These fibers are used to improve the strength, stiffness, and thermal properties of FDM 3D printed parts. Nylon 12CF is an outstanding choice for FDM 3D printed parts requiring stiffness, strength, and overall toughness.

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Nylon 6

FDM Nylon 6 is a production-grade thermoplastic that combines the strength and toughness of Nylon 6 with the dependability and durability of FDM 3D printing. FDM 3D printing with Nylon 6 gives you tremendous design flexibility for your additive manufactured tools, prototypes, and production parts.

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Nylon 12

FDM 3D printed Nylon 12 is production-grade thermoplastic that is an excellent material for production and prototype 3D printing. Nylon 12 is very tough with just enough flex. FDM Nylon 12 combines strength with excellent fatigue properties suitable for repetitive closures, snap fits and vibration-resistant parts. Nylon 12 uses a water-soluble support so there are virtually no limitations to the complexity of your parts.

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PC (polycarbonate) is a production-grade thermoplastic that is excellent for automotive, aerospace, medical, and many other applications. FDM printed PC parts offer high accuracy, durability, and stability, creating strong parts that withstand functional testing and end-use parts. Not only is polycarbonate extremely tough and durable, but it is also very resistant to temperature. This material is malleable when cool and can bend without cracking.

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PC–ABS is a high-impact engineering thermoplastic ideal for functional prototyping, tooling, and low-volume manufacturing. Get the best of two FDM materials, the strength and heat resistance of PC and the flexibility of ABS. PC–ABS also delivers excellent feature definition and surface finish.

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PC–ISO is a bio-compatible FDM thermoplastic that lets engineers create prototypes, molds, and products in a heat-resistant material for the pharmaceutical, food packaging and medical industries.

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Engineered and tested specifically for sacrificial/washout tooling for composite fabrication. ST-130 withstands the heat and pressure of autoclave curing and it 3D prints with a permeable triangle fill pattern designed to optimize build speed, conserve material, and dissolve quickly.

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ULTEM 1010

ULTEM 1010 resin is one of the strongest FDM thermoplastics. Ultem 1010 3D printed parts have high heat resistance and thermal stability. It’s able to withstand autoclave operations and sterilization. It is an outstanding material option for composite fabrication tooling and parts that need high strength and heat resistance.

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ULTEM 9085

ULTEM 9085 resin features a high strength-to-weight ratio, high thermal and chemical resistance, and flame, smoke, and toxicity (FST) ratings. Ultem 9085 is FAA approved for aircraft interiors. Ultem 9085 is an excellent 3D printing material choice for production and prototype parts. ULTEM 9085 is a great FDM 3D printing choice for parts requiring high heat, chemical and flame resistance, high dielectric strength, thermal conductivity, and overall strength.

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