Custom Scale Models in Austin TX

You Have Found the Right Company to Help with Custom Scale Models in Austin TX

At ProTek Models, we make the world’s highest quality custom scale models in Austin TX for our large and growing portfolio of clients. Our outstanding reputation for quality and value started in the space and aerospace industries. ProTek Models is firmly established as the industry leader in durable, high quality, and high detail models of satellites, spacecraft, rocket engines, and launch vehicles.

We Work with Clients in a Wide Range of Industries to Provide Custom Scale Models in Austin TX

While we are most famous in the space and aerospace industries, we also have numerous clients in the automotive, train, watercraft, nuclear, medical, architectural, and consumer product industries. Our quality and value are unmatched. Our expert team of model makers, engineers, designers, and craftsman can make models of virtually anything in any size and with any level of complexity.

Our over two million dollars in advanced machinery and highly skilled team make it possible for us to make anything from small scale desktop models to full size business jets from one-off models to production runs of thousands of units. You can turn to us for custom scale models in Austin TX and a whole lot more.

We Have a Long History of Providing Exceptional Services Including Custom Scale Models in Austin TX

With nearly two decades in business and a combined experience of 70 years, ProTek Models can create custom scale models in Austin TX of just about anything, in any size, and with a variety of different materials. Because we fabricate, finish, and assemble almost everything in-house you can rest assured that your job with be completed to our extremely high-quality standards, on-time and on budget, every time. If you need a custom scale model of anything, ProTek Models is the best choice.

Custom Scale Models Can Be Used for Countless Applications

Custom scale models in Austin TX are the most effective and exciting way to visualize any product other than showing the actual product. In many situations showing the real thing is impractical or impossible. Custom scale models allow people to visualize the end product more effectively than anything else. Examples of custom scale models include:

  • Tradeshow Display Models
  • Lobby Display Models
  • Conference Room Display Models
  • Marketing Models
  • Product Development Models
  • End-product Quality Prototypes
  • Executive Level Gift Models
  • Public Relations Models
  • Product Visualization Models
  • Sales Aid Models
  • Training Aid Models
  • Outdoor Display Models
  • Education Models
  • Theme Park Models
  • Experimental and Testing Models

Contact ProTek Models at (832) 968-6636 if you are ready to learn more about custom scale models in Austin TX.