How Schools Can Be Benefitted By 3D Printing in Torrance CA

March 6, 2020

How Schools Can Be Benefitted By 3D Printing in Torrance CAThe technology of the 3D printer has aided many businesses, non-profits, programs, and individuals around the world. If you think about it, the possibilities of 3D-printing are endless. But one specific group of people that can benefit from 3D printing technology that we wish to highlight are students.

Here’s how 3D printing can be advantageous to schools:

Offers Both a Visual and Kinesthetic Way of Learning

Teachers across the nation are recommended to use different types of learning in their classrooms. Visual, reading/writing, auditory, and kinesthetic (hands-on) learning are all suggested. This not only gives students a variety of ways to learn, but covering each of these ensures students with different learning styles are all able to thrive in the classroom setting.

While there are students categorized into each of these four learning styles, two of the most common are visual and kinesthetic. Yet, many educators today primarily offer reading/writing-based activities, tests, lesson plans, and homework assignments.

One way to include both visual and kinesthetic learning in the everyday classroom is to have learning aids or even three-dimensional, educational models created via 3D printing to enhance the teaching and learning processes. Research shows that when students are able to physically grasp, use, or at the very least, see the concept they’re learning about in person, they’re better able to retain knowledge.

Makes Learning for Students More Enjoyable

It’s already hard enough to get students to emphasize their studies. With technological devices in most students’ pockets, making learning their primary focus is an increasingly common challenge for teachers.

If there’s anything that always makes learning funner, it’s the use of 3D objects in the classroom. The colors, shapes, and textures of various learning tools and models alone make the idea of learning less boring and more entertaining. Not to mention, 3D objects can be easily incorporated into a variety of educational games and activities, reinforcing the fun of and the focus on learning once more.

Can Be Used to Help Struggling Students

With 3D objects assisting the majority of students who have a visual and/or kinesthetic style of learning, as well as making learning more fun overall for every student, it’s no surprise that these models can also assist struggling students.

Some students struggle to focus. Others have a learning disability or mental setback that impacts their ability to thrive in school. Other students may struggle due to personal reasons. Either way, using three-dimensional objects can make the learning process a little less complex; help eliminate many misconceptions a student may hold while learning a new concept; improve a student’s ability to focus as naturally as possible; and generally make it easier to understand, memorize, and recall what they’ve just learned.

Generally, 3D aids are quite helpful for learning environments. If you need a certain model created, reach out to ProTek Models in Torrance, CA by calling us at (832) 968-6636.