Benefits of ULTEM 1010 3D Printing in Corona CA

October 21, 2019

Benefits of ULTEM 1010 3D Printing in Corona CAIf you know anything about 3D printing, you might know that there are many different materials to pick from depending on the tool, prototype, or other object you wish to have three-dimensionally printed. No two materials look, feel, or perform exactly alike as each have their own characteristics. For example, some 3D printing materials are food safe. Other materials, like ABS, work well if you need an affordable and lightweight 3D printed model.

Here at ProTek Models in Corona, CA, we 3D print a variety of materials. However, one of the best materials we use for high-performance applications is ULTEM 1010 resin. This particular material is beneficial in many ways, such as in the following:

One of the strongest FDM thermoplastics

Among all other FDM thermoplastics, ULTEM 1010 has the highest tensile strength and, in turn, makes the strongest and most durable products. You will never come in contact with a “flimsy” product made of ULTEM 1010 resin. In fact, this material is capable of withstanding steam autoclaving and sterilization. Although pricey in comparison to other thermoplastics, the higher cost of ULTEM 1010 resin is worth it for many applications.

Great thermal stability and heat resistance

One of the biggest benefits of ULTEM 1010 resin is the fact that it has impeccable thermal stability and resistance to heat of up to 752 degrees Fahrenheit (400 degrees Celsius). This material is also stress- and chemical-resistant, proving itself to be one of the most resilient 3D printing materials used to date.

Ideal material for tools and applications in numerous fields

Due to its strength, thermal stability, heat resistance, and food contact certification, products and prototypes made from ULTEM 1010 are applicable for the use in the aerospace, automotive, chemical, medical, and food industries. Specifically, items made from this material can be used for demanding applications, tools, and parts such as that pertaining to medical equipment, food production machinery, chip test sockets, and electrical connectors.

Need a sturdy, reliable model or part? If you’re interested in getting something 3D printed with ULTEM 1010 in Corona, CA, choose ProTek Models to get your 3D printing project done. Apart from ULTEM 1010 resin, we offer 3D printing with other materials most applicable for your application and budget, including ASB, ASA, Antero 800NA, nylon, PC, and numerous variations of such.

Whether you’re interested in ULTEM 110 or are considering getting 3D printing in Corona, CA with a different material, call us up today at (832) 968-6636 to see what we can do for you.