Automotive 3D Printing is Used to Recreate Vintage Auto Parts

April 21, 2022

Finding and replacing missing auto parts is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to restoring a vintage automobile. Depending on the age and make of the vehicle, replacement parts can be difficult, if not impossible to locate. And when you do find them, they’re often outrageously expensive.

Many auto restorers are turning to 3D printing for a solution. 3D printing can be used to recreate just about any automobile component – vintage, modern, or prototype. With 3D printing, restorers can produce a replacement part at a fraction of the time and cost of either tracking down and purchasing the original or reproducing the part using traditional manufacturing techniques.

The King’s BMW 507 Restored Using Automotive 3D Printing

Elvis Presley’s prized BMW 507 is a recent example of automotive 3D being used to restore classic cars. BMW bought the iconic racer-turned-roadster in 2014. They spent the next two years restoring the vehicle. Unable to find many of the original parts, BMW opted to use 3D printing to recreate the window rollers, door handles, windshield wipers, and other parts that weren’t available.

1962 Volkswagen

In 2019, Volkswagen used 3D printing when remaking their iconic 1962 microbus. This new version was an electric vehicle with mirrors, bright orange hubcaps, and other components created using 3D printing.

That same year, Bentley announced the recreation of their famous 1929 Blowers. Original parts were scanned to ensure the new 3D printed parts faithfully reproduced the initial designs.

Jaguar XK120 SE

In 2017, Jaguar used automotive 3D printing to restore a rare XK120 SE. Some of the 3D printed components included the front lights, rear lights, and back window.

Porsche Classic

Porsche Classic is dedicated to providing classic and vintage parts to Porsche aficionados. Manufacturing these parts using traditional methods and keeping them in stock was too expensive, so Porsche turned to 3D printing to produce rare, low-volume spare parts.

Advantages of Automotive 3D Printing

Automotive 3D printing provides numerous benefits when it comes to creating replacement parts. 3D printing is more affordable and faster than CNC production. It allows engineers and designers the means to create and test multiple options and iterations when creating new parts or models. This increased flexibility improves the quality of the finished product, giving manufacturers an edge over the competition.

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