Applications for 3D Automotive Printing in Long Beach CA

February 18, 2022

Applications for 3D Automotive Printing in Long Beach CA

Pro Tek Models is a leading producer of 3D printed automotive parts in Long Beach, CA. We’ve worked with a number of automotive designers and manufacturers to create a wide variety of models, castings, and custom-printed automotive parts. Contact Pro Tek models through our website, or call us at (832) 968-6636 to find out how our high-quality 3D automotive printing services can help your business.

3D Automotive Printing Has Had a Big Impact on the Automotive Industry

Without a doubt, 3D printing technology has had a big impact on the automotive industry. It’s now possible to print nearly every part of an automobile, including bumpers, dashboards, consoles, seats, headlight assemblies, etc. 3D printing is being used in more and more automotive applications.

Design and concept

Automotive designers are relying on precisely detailed, extremely accurate 3D printed scale models to demonstrate designs and concepts of new vehicles. 3D printed models often allow designers to test their concepts in ways CAD models just can’t.

Validation of prototypes

Prototype evaluation and concept testing are essential in the automotive industry. 3D automotive printing provides a fast and cost-effective means to validate and test prototypes of all types and sizes.

Preproduction sampling and tooling

Pre-production sampling helps ensure the quality of the final product. 3D automotive printing allows you to create molds and tools, jigs, and fixtures, which in turn allow you to produce samples at low costs. It also helps avoid delays when the concept goes into full production.

Customized parts

3D automotive printing allows designers and manufacturers to easily and cheaply create customized or unique parts.

Alternative to CNC production

3D automotive printing is cheaper than CNC production, with much shorter run times, especially when utilizing ProTek Models for your automotive 3D printing needs. 3D printing also creates less waste and allows for lower material consumption throughout the manufacturing process.

Sales and marketing

Highly detailed custom scale automobile models are ideal for use as a sales and marketing tool. A printed 3D model allows your clients and customers to engage with your product in a way concept art and computer animation just can’t provide.

Why Choose Pro Tek Models for Your Automotive 3D Printing Needs

Pro Tek Models’ talented and experienced automotive 3D printing team can generate parts for both prototypes and production vehicles. We have the ability to create durable, dependable parts for a wide range of vehicles, including road and racing cars, trucks, and motorcycles, using high-performance materials like Ultem 1010, Ultem 9085, and Nylon 12CF. All 3D printed parts can be detailed, sanded, painted, textured, upholstered, chrome-plated, etc., to your specifications.

In addition to outstanding 3D automotive parts printing, Pro Tek Models provides custom scale models, urethane casting, and FDM 3D printing services to customers in Long Beach and other California communities. We’ve worked with some of the world’s leading automotive companies, including Mitsubishi Motors, West Coast Customs, and Saleen Automotive.

For high quality, affordable 3D automotive printing services in Long Beach, CA, contact Pro Tek Models. Contact us through our website or call us at (832) 968-6636 to get a quote and learn more about how 3D printing can help your business.