Industrial 3D Printer for Ultrafast Production

Best in class print size, volume, and speed at the lowest cost of ownership

NXE 400

Ultrafast Photopolymer Industrial 3D Printer

The NXE 400 photopolymer 3D printer boasts an unprecedented 16L build volume, delivering unmatched speed and throughput without compromising on accuracy or repeatability. The NXE 400 industrial photopolymer printer features patented Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc®) technology, delivering accuracy and tolerances with a superior surface finish by turning SLA printing technology on its head.

Since desktop SLA printers are “inverted,” meaning they print upside down, they cure against a vat bottom or vat membrane. Care must be taken to peel the part away from the vat — typically a slow and delicate operation. LSPc technology leverages a self-lubricated, flexible membrane that resists sticking to both the printed part and the underlying LCD screen, which allows much faster printing speeds.

Meet all your unique industrial, R&D and manufacturing requirements using this ultrafast 3D printer which is completely modular in design with interchangeable parts, making it easy to upgrade technology and mitigate against obsolescence.


Build Volume 10.8 x 6.1 x 15.7 inch (274 x 155 x 400 mm)
Max Resolution 4K (3840 x 2160)
Pixel Pitch 76.5 µm (0.0030 in)
Wavelength 405 nm
Build Materials UV Curable Plastics; xGPP-Translucent; XGPP-Grey; xPRO410; 3843-ABS-Black; xCE-Black; ABS-Black; xCE-White; xPP405-Black; xPP405-Clear; xPEEK147; x45-Natural; x45-Clear, x45-Black, xFLEX

Interface Technology: Everlast-2 Membrane

The Everlast-2 Membrane provides superior print speed, surface finish, and fidelity as well as tremendous functional durability. Membranes last at least 50,000 printed layers — up to 25x longer than alternative interface layer technologies.

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LSPc 3D Printing Technology

Nexa3D’s print process begins with a proprietary light source — the LSPc 3D printing engine. Different from DLP, where edge-to-edge performance can be compromised due to optical distortions, LSPc delivers a uniform, high power and distortion-free image to all areas of the build plate to ensure part-to-part accuracy and uniformity. LSPc, a type of masked stereolithography (mSLA) technology, is faster than stereolithography (SLA) and other mSLA technologies. Our self-lubricated, flexible membrane overcomes the delamination forces that accrue during any inverted, vat based printing process, thus enabling the fastest printing speed found today in the market.