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Get Automotive 3D Printing for a Great Deal in Garden Grove CA

December 12, 2020

Sometimes you just need a little something to make your business better or more convenient. In the automotive industry, sometimes that thing might just be a 3D printed prototype or production part. This way, those within this industry can test new parts without spending a fortune or can use 3D printed prototypes as a way […]

Ring in the New Year with FDM 3D Printing in Orange CA

December 9, 2020

Business owners who are truly dedicated to their business, making it a success, and ensuring customers or clients are left satisfied each and every time will be willing to do anything it takes to make improvements to their business. Some may choose to utilize some form of paid advertising, offering coupons or freebies for customers, […]

How to Pick the Right 3D Printing Company in Garden Grove CA to Complete Your Project

November 24, 2020

In the Garden Grove, CA area and beyond, there are multiple 3D printing companies for you to consider getting a project completed by. You might have already done your research and found this out for yourself. Either way, it’s important to know exactly how to select one of these many companies to take on your […]

ProTek Models Can Deliver Realistic Custom Scale Engine Models in Segundo CA

November 12, 2020

Many vehicles operate thanks to the help of an engine. The engine is essentially a brain after all. But due to their vitality, these devices are quite expensive, let alone, quite complex. So, say, if a company is designing a new engine for a yet-to-be-released vehicle, or if an automotive class is teaching students about […]

Get the Best Custom Scale Model Printing in Santa Ana CA

October 20, 2020

It’s a good thing that there are several companies out there for you to pick among to receive the services and products you want. If you don’t like one particular company due to poor service, if their prices are too high, or if they don’t offer what you want and need, it’s easy for you […]

What Types of 3D Printing Services Does ProTek Models Offer in San Bernardino CA?

October 8, 2020

If you’re looking for high-quality 3D printing service, you can find it through Southern California-based ProTek Models. That’s great to hear, right? But wait a second – what types of services does ProTek Models offer, you might ask? That’s a fantastic question. After all, one of the main things to look for in a good […]

Professional Automotive 3D Printing in Orange CA Can Change Your Life

September 22, 2020

The automotive industry is a highly intricate, expensive, yet vital industry. So, the last thing anybody in this industry would want is to make it more expensive and more intricate than it has to be. Heck, why complicate things when you don’t have to? That’s just asking for a headache. As odd as it may […]

ProTek Models Will Never Fail to Deliver the Best 3D Printed Models in Santa Ana CA

September 9, 2020

Now more than ever before, our employees value delivering great, high-quality products to our customers. Due to this value, we work hard to ensure your 3D-printed project is completed to your absolute liking. It’s our promise to you to deliver only the best of the best, as each and every one of our clients deserves. […]

3D Printing in Anaheim CA is Changing Businesses Once and For All

August 25, 2020

The best business owners are always going to want to do everything they can in their power to improve their business, as they should. After all, only the businesses that are innovative, adaptive, and versatile are going to make it in the long run and be the most successful overall. Stagnant businesses don’t many it […]

Need a 3D Printed Prototype? Elect ProTek Models for 3D Printing in Yorba Linda CA

August 12, 2020

Were you ever assigned a big art project as a student in school? If so, your teacher probably helped break down the project into several steps to not only make the project easier for students to handle but also to ensure students put their best, most thorough work into the project. For instance, there’s a […]